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I’m starting a new series of work? But first lets look back.

I’ve just taken some new work to the Gallery in Lake Geneva, WI and looking back I can see that I’ve actually finished a series of work. I wasn’t aware that I was making a series of work while I was painting, but now I can see I was investigating several things about making art with acrylic paint.

Firstly, I was interested in what for me was a new medium, acrylic paint. I was investigating how acrylic paint moves on different surfaces & how I could move acrylic paint around with different tools.

Secondly, I was investigating how adding something to disrupt the movement of the paint would produce different effects in blending colors.

Thirdly, how adding layers over textured surfaces and then scraping back and sanding would distort the surface of the acrylic paint layers.

All this investigation with acrylic paint produced some very stimulating art making moments in my art studio. I think for me having those special moments of discovery is one of the reasons I love making art. 2020 limited our movements outside of our homes. Looking back starting a consistent art practice and making exciting artwork was my way of lifting limits and exploring.


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