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"The Path" by Gillian Vodnik

"The Path" by Gillian Vodnik


"The Path" by Gillian Vodnik

Original acrylic painting 20" x 20"  canvas (1.5" depth).


There was a small path that led to the school.   In autumn the fallen leaves would cover the concrete slabs making them slippery under foot.  Every time I walk on wet fallen leaves I think of those mornings, walking to school watching where I would place my foot to take the next step.  This painting, an exploration in warm colors and textural marks, is once again the act of looking carefully, making a move and taking another step.  I'm on my path.


Exhibited (Juried Show "Environments" )April 2023 @ the Fine Line Creative Arts Center, Saint Charles, IL USA.


Exhibited July 2023, Geneva, IL.


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