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Gillian Vodnik


Welcome and thank you for your interest in my art practice.  I am a Contemporary Painter working in acrylic paint, watercolor & a digital format based in Saint Charles, Illinois, USA.  


My love of making colorful art started in school while making a mosaic fish which became part of a school wall display.  My interest in textured artwork began while making a paper mâché mountain range about the British explorers race to the South Pole.   I haven't stopped exploring & making art since.  


Right now I'm on my own expedition of a sorts, exploring intuitive mark making with acrylic paint to express how I feel about the landscapes and gardens that I see.  I also enjoy relaxing with watercolor paints, exploring how it flows and settles onto the paper.


I post my artwork on Instagram, sell my paintings here on this website and occasionally exhibit my work locally.  


Please enjoy your visit here, linger as long as you like and come back often.  You never know what you'll discover here as I'm always dropping in to add new work and update my artist journey.  

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Please enjoy the artwork, if you are considering a painting click on the image for more details. Feel free to email me with any questions .

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