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Art Supplies: Investment or Indulgence?

I’ll have some nice deliveries coming this week! I just ordered some new art supplies after seeing some brightly colored pencils on Instagram this week. Did I order just one or two? No, I just had to order the whole box of them. I have pencils already, but these ones are different, they’re a different brand & they’re “chunky”. With so many art supplies available online it can be overwhelming to decide what to buy and it can be costly. However, I try not to purchase art supplies that I’m not ready to treat as an investment in my learning. When I choose what to buy, I’m looking to go on a journey of exploration in the use of materials, as well as in the creation of something different in my artwork. Indulging in new chunky pencils will allow different mark making, new experiments in colour combinations and give me a new incentive to get creating. I can’t wait!


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