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Why I paint what I paint?

It’s March and I’m so ready for Spring!

Right now very little is happening in my garden and the snow has just melted. In my studio however, Spring is bursting onto the canvas. The threads of ideas for my paintings come from what I’m missing in my daily life or from what I’m seeing on my jaunts outside of the studio.

At the moment I'm seeing cracks in the tarmac, fallen branches and twigs. Scrubby bushes and torn up grass, all remnants from a harsh winter. In summer, there are bright blooms and vibrant grass greens. In fall I see multicolored trees and piecing blue skies. All of this stimuli ends up on the canvas one way or another. What I'm missing right now are the Spring florals.

I could just paint a realistic bouquet of flowers or a country landscape and I have done so in other artwork. But right now I’m having fun making expressive marks with paint using interesting tools. I'm exploring how paint moves on different surfaces and how I can impact that movement by adding textural mediums. I'm discovering how I can physically interact with my materials and supplies to create something entirely personal in the form of a painting. For me today, that’s where joy lies, which is why I'm painting what I'm painting.


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