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Which paper is the best for mixed media artwork?

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Paper! It’s a huge subject. Experience it seems is the best way to know what works for the artwork you want to create. Trying out different types of paper, with the different types of materials you use, seems to be the only way to really get to grips with what works best for you and your artwork. There are so many types of paper that you could use, but asking other artists who’s work you admire what paper to use is like asking what tea do they drink? It is down to personal taste.

However, I have found that going into a specialty art store, where the people who work there know their stock, is the best way to find out what to try. One art store associate opened all the watercolor paper drawers and let me feel the watercolor paper. Another art store associate gave me advice on the many ways to hand rip large pieces of watercolor paper into small sizes. Taking classes in person or online is also a huge resource of what paper works well with different art mediums. Most instructors have their favorites and recommend you use the paper they choose for the course to get the results they want you to achieve. Either way you are going to buy all sorts of paper and figure it out yourself in the end.


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