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Setting it straight about my substrates….

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

There is always discussion about substrates! You know the paper, the canvas, the wood boards etc. Does it bother me what I paint on?

Well, Yes & No, it all depends on what I want to do with the “substrate”. Using wood panels, as I have been lately, has been very satisfying as I can scrape, sand back and puncture the wood without a care in the world. Paper of course is much more fragile and I’m always a little unsure how it will hold up. I can sometimes not give it the care and attention it needs when creating art. If it’s too wet it might tear, rip of just disintegrate. Torn edges look great around the outside of a watercolour painting, but an unexpected hole in the middle of your work, that's not fun. Canvas on the other hand is in-between the two surfaces. Stretched canvas for me feels sort of bouncy and I treat it with a bit more care than I do the wood panels. So if I’m in the mood for some light jazz playing in the background and a more lighthearted session in the studio, canvas suits me just fine. A glass of wine and a little light rock music, better grab a wood panel board!

I just finished working on some stretched canvases, one of which you’ll find on my instagram page today. So now it’s time to clean up the paint smeared table (that’s a tame word for what it actually looks like) and see what “substrates” I have available for my next creative session. TTFN


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