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The kettle's on & I might have some chocolate digestives...

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

I've put the tea bag in the pot, so while the water is boiling I just wanted to welcome you to my blog spot or my artist journal or musings. My intention is to pop in here just before I go down into my studio basement to unleash my creative energy and give you a glimpse into my artist lifestyle.

Today I have to take some framed artwork to Gallery 223 in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin USA. I sold an 8" x 8" abstract acrylic on canvas last week, so I now I get to put another painting into the gallery for sale.

Lake Geneva is one of my favorite spots in Wisconsin. It has the energy of people and the calmness of the water. Energy contrasted by calm is what I try to put into my abstract paintings when I use hot colours contrasted by cool colours.

The water’s boiling now, so it is time for that cuppa before I jet off on my sunny jaunt down to the Lake, rather than my basement studio today. TTFN


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