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Thinking about painting on a big canvas?

It’s been while since I wrote my last pre-studio work musings. I have been busy working on some small cradle boards and a large piece of canvas. Scaling up work is fun but also challenging. It’s a whole different experience working upright on a wall or an easel to working flat on a table. Working on the large canvas on a wall was a very physical experience. I was standing up moving my whole arm, getting right up close to the work and bending down a lot. It was quite exhausting at times. My hands and fingers were used like a tool, smearing paint, blending colours and rubbing in oil pastels. There was paint running and dripping onto floor and the whole area got extremely messy. I truly felt like an artist!

If you are going to go big you need a big space. A space where you can move, make a mess and a space you can walk away from. A big painting like that for me was a challenge, it took a toll on my body and mind. Trying to sleep with such a large piece of work on my mind was hard. It’s finished now, but the next issue is putting it on stretcher bars. I’ll keep you posted.


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