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What's the Value of an Artist Community?

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

The value of an artist community is “Priceless” in my opinion. I joined a local Artist Community at the beginning of this year, then I took a 3 month intensive Painting program online, after which I joined a virtual Artist Club. All of these artistic communities have motivated me to explore more art related books, programs and art materials. They have shared information about the setting up and sustaining of an art practice, about art making materials & techniques, and about ways to share my artwork. Yes, I paid for these groups, but what I have received back far out ways the funds that I put in. The generosity, encouragement and fellowship is the biggest take away for me.

Making art is mostly a solitary pursuit with the exception of in person workshops, classes and group projects. So joining a community of artists, who share a love of making something special, for me is like going to a party where you are all there for the same reason. I have also found an extra benefit, helping others. Giving back to these communities by sharing what I know or discover and volunteering my time in an artistic community is just as rewarding as learning from others.


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