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When I fall in love, it won’t be forever.

I do fall in love with my finished paintings and I do fall in love with little areas of my paintings before they are even finished. Sometimes however, I cover up what I love for the sake of the whole look and feel I’m going for. It’s hard to cover up areas of paint that just look amazing when the rest of the painting is going in a different direction. Deciding what to keep and what to let go is part of the process of making artwork.

Once the painting is finished I’m in love. I’m so attached to it at that point I don't want to part with it, I’m not sure I want share it, I can't even think about selling it. Each piece of artwork I make is so personal and so unique of a creation that I treasure its existence.

But, then I get into making more art and its like discovering a fresh hint of a new treasure, digging for that treasure and finally getting something exciting. A new love. That’s when I’m ready to put the other painting or paintings out into the world. I’m ready to let someone else experience falling in love with my finished artwork. I’m ready to part with it & let someone else have the pleasure of having it as part of their own personal art collection. I ready to share something that I loved creating.


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