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Why do I like to make abstract paintings?

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

That’s the question my friends have been asking me. It’s a tricky question to answer but here’s how I respond. Because it’s just so much fun!

The freedom to create whatever I want is just such a fabulous feeling. I’m not trying to please anyone & I’m not expecting a certain outcome. The joy of squeezing paint out of the tube or from a bottle and swishing it around with various tools and brushes is so satisfying for me. It’s not the choice activity for everyone and until February of this year it wasn’t how I was painting at all. But now I love working with acrylic paint in a contemporary & energectic manner.

The resulting artwork is one of intuitive mark making and considered editing. Choices are made about colours, texture and composition. I fall in love with little marks, blends of colour and interesting textures while in the process of applying layers of acrylic paint. I keep some of my marks, but others have to go. The decision making isn’t always easy, but it’s a challenge that I’m all in for.

So that’s why I’m making abstract artwork at the moment. Or rather I will be once I get going on my next adventure.


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