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Why you should join my or any artist’s mailing list?

There are many reasons why I sign up for other artist’s mailing lists & many reasons why I am creating my own. Social media platforms can and do change how they operate all the time, so having my own website and contact list gives me, & other artists alike, back some form of control over our online presence. Instagram can and has shutdown accounts & Facebook of course controls the feeds we see. Having my own website presence and asking you to join my mailing list is a much more personal way for me to connect with you. I’ll be working on creating quality newsletters, so every so often you can hear about what’s happening in my studio, get glimpses into my artistic pursuits and get insight on art related subjects.

Joining my mailing list lets us be connected without going through a third party social media platform & puts you in the driving seat. Hope to see you in my contact list soon!


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